Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Jewel of a Find

Hello :)

Today I have some swatches of Sephora+Pantone Universe Jewel Lacquers. I have Parachute
Purple and Evergreen for you! They are beautiful colors with different shimmers, but
unfortunately, you can't see the shimmer on the nail as much as you can in the bottle. Here are
some bottle shots:

First up, let me just tell you that the formulas were pretty much the same. Very opaque, I could get away with one coat on my shorter nails. The other nails varied, some of them were two and some of them were three. So basically most of the nails are 2 ½ coats. Or 2 2/4. 2 3/6. 2 4/8. 2 5/10. 2 10/20. 2 20/40. 2 40/80. And so on. The brushes were very nice as well, thick and sturdy and stay where you want them to. The bottles are pretty as well, I always love the polish bottles that are glass. Oh, and the packaging was magnificent!!! Look at those boxes!!!! Accchhhhhh!!!
* dies * OMGRR. Also, these polishes wore very well. I had it on for four days! Most people could get way more out of these polishes because I have unusually soft nails…So onto the swatches me mateys!

Parachute Purple- A purple with subtle blue and green shimmer. 

Evergreen- A deep Christmas green with subtle green and blue shimmer.

Well then, that's it for today. You can purchase these polishes at Sephora stores (idk how much got them as a gift and nothing on website :( ).
Thanks for reading!


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