Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nabi Magnetic

Hey guys! How has your weekend been going? Ok, so I want to show you a very interesting and different manicure. I have today Nabi Ocean Blue and China Glaze Liquid Crystal.

 (I think this picture captured the magnetic effect the best, don't you think?)

Ocean Blue is a very nice medium-dark blue MAGNETIC!! At first, I thought this magnetic wouldn't work very well, but it actually has a magnificent magnet effect.

Ocean Blue, I must say, is not a very easy polish to apply. This polish is extremely thick and at least 2 thick coats are needed to get a good magnetic effect. I speak from experience, thin coats just don't work. The magnet, I must say, works like a charm, a few seconds of hovering over the magnet and POOF! magnetic waves!(although I must say, the magnetic effect is not as strong as I wish) I used a pencil to draw a line of China Glaze Liquid Crystal and voila! A magnetic mani!

Ok, I must say, a huge downside is the smell. It smells weirdly metallic, like metal pipes, but much stronger. I think it smells horrible, although some people might not mind as much…

(all but the first picture were taken indoors)

Thanks for reading!

Nabi Ocean Blue is available at many drugstores and are $4 a piece.
China Glaze Liquid Crystal is also available at many beauty stores, and have a variety of prices.

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