Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hello :)
Today I have some comparisons for you. Please excuse the messy cuticles-I was angered by one of the polishes and got very impatient. Well then, onto the pictures! (BTW, all the photos were taken in direct sunlight, but not outside.)

First, we have some yellows:

On my pinky is NYC Midtown Mimosa, the middle is OPI Need Sunglasses?, and the pointer is Zoya Creamy. Obviously, the odd man out is Creamy, but she's actually my favorite of the bunch. Great formula, only required two coats—plus no streaks. Need Sunglasses? was misbehaving today. It was streaky and required three coats just for me to get it like that: still streaky. I gave up and just took the picture. As for Midtown Mimosa, you really hate it on the first two coats because it's so sheer and streaky, you almost want to give up. But on the third coat, it really evens itself out and opaques (yes, I made that word up) up. So, if you're looking for dupes, Need Sunglasses? and Midtown Mimosa are the ones.

Next, the pinks:

Grrrrr…what's the point in having a comparison post if the colors don't even come out right? The thumb is two coats of OPI Suzi's Hungary Again! And the pointer is two coats of OPI That's Hot! Pink. Well, again I apologize for messy painting. So, you guys can't even see if there's a difference in color, but there is. That's Hot! Pink is much more true hot pink and purple toned than SHA, and SHA is more
coral-y than THP. 

And finally, shimmery, glittery blue-ish gold-ish polishes:

The pinky is Wet n Wild Fast Dry Teal of Fortune. Ring is Zoya Charla, and the middle is China Glaze Dorothy Who?. No dupes here, obviously. Charla has much more gold flecks/shimmer/glitter than either of the other polishes, Teal of Fortune has the least glitter/flecks altogether, and DW has more blue glitter than gold glitter or shimmer.

Well, hope you enjoyed this post, messy cuticles and bad photography and all :)

Thanks for reading,

NYC can be purchased at drugstores, varying in price from $1 to $5.
OPI products can be purchased at professional salons, Trade Secret, Bobbi and Guy Beauty Supply, Hino Hairstyles, Amazon, eBay and many other places from $5.49-$9.00.
Zoya can be purchased at professional salons, Hino Hairstyles, their website, Amazon, eBay and many other places for $8.50.
Wet n Wild Fast Dry and their other brands can be purchased at drugstores and many othe places, varying in price from $1-$5.
China Glaze can be purchased at professional salons, Bobbi and Guy Beauty Supply, Hino Hairstyles, Amazon, eBay, Sally Beauty Supply, and many other places for $5.49-$8.00.

All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way to review these products. All products were bought with my own money.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Hello :)

Today I have a quick NOTD for you guys.


Please excuse the writing on my fingers, I was doing the "this is buggy" trick.

To create this look, I painted my nails white, then polished 1/3 of my nail with light pink or blue, then added stripes with the darker color, and finally added frosting with the opposite color. I made sprinkles with the corresponding darker color and dotted a little cherry on top.

Sorry it's a little messy.

Thanks for reading,
Polishes Used:

Light pink- L'oreal I Pink I'm In Love
Dark pink- Zoya Kiki
Light blue- China Glaze For Audrey
Dark blue- Essie Butler Please
Red- Sephora by OPI High Maintenance
White- Wet n' Wild Shine French White Crème
Top coat/ Base coat- Jordana Tough Stuff Base & Topcoat