Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hello :) 

 Welcome to A Polished Life! This is our nail polish blog (plus a little something extra here and there) and we are ready to get started! 

 For my first mani, I originally wanted to try out some new BeautyUk polishes that I bought in a mini-pack at Ross. They were all unnamed so I emailed them, and Emma, the customer service agent I spoke with, was very nice and told me that they hadn't actually been from their nail range and didn’t have names :(. But, she did say that if they ever brought them out as single shades she would email me :)! 


 So, since I had six new BeautyUk polishes, and ten fingers, I decided, you know, maybe I should paint those other four nails as well. I was playing around with the idea of bright, neon colors and eventually came up with an inspiration point. 

Rave gloves. 

 So, some of you may not know what these are, but I know some of you do…(ahem-hem you know who you are) and basically they are gloves with tiny flashing bright lights at the fingertips. 

So…that’s what I did!


Now, I've done my research, and learned that blogging is equally parts awesome: bright, vibrant, fun, fantabulous, and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and fail: epically horrible, terrifying, awful and bleggghhh. I feel I have captured both of those aspects in my first mani. I kept messing up my right hand and eventually got my pointer and middle finger all screwed up. Eh, whatever. I used two coats of each polish and then 1 ½ coats of Wet n' Wild Kaleidescope. Then I sealed it all in with the world's greatest top coat- Seche Vite. 

 Thanks for reading! -Kiki 

Polishes used on right hand 
 Dark blue- BeautyUk (?) 
Light pink- BeautyUK (?- possible dupe for L'oreal I Pink I'm In Love) 
Bright green- OPI Did It On Em' (Nicky Minaj Collection) 
Light blue- BeautyUk (?) 
Dark Pink- BeautyUK (?) 

 Polishes used on left hand
 Peach- BeautyUk (?) 
Green (it looks teal for some reason)- China Glaze In The Limelight 
Purple- BeautyUk (?) 
Neon coral/pink- China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy 
Yellow- OPI Need Sunglasses?

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